Imagine:  A new world-class performing arts center in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge

  • Performing arts feed our community’s soul and help us thrive both culturally and economically.
  • A new “Heart of the Gorge” center for performing arts will bring Columbia River Gorge communities closer together and give us another reason to be proud to call this area our home.
  • Additional economic activity that the new performing arts center will bring to the Columbia River Gorge will help create jobs and provide new opportunities for residents.
  • Together we can create what will become a permanent anchor for the arts, business and community events, and a great cultural and economic asset in the Columbia River Gorge.


As President of the Performing Arts Initiative, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support.  We remain committed to bringing this incredible community project to life.  Now that we have completed the necessary studies, our focus has shifted to the use of the amazing cliffside property on Westcliff Drive, most importantly working with professionals to develop a traffic management plan.  With the help of a philanthropic advisor, we have refreshed our mission, vision, and values as well as continued preparation for the eventual capital campaign.  


–Emily Vawter, PAI President & Board Member



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