Gorge Arts+Business Alliance

Join the PAI Gorge Arts+Business Alliance and support this amazing project.

The Gorge Arts+Business Alliance is a group of diverse local and regional businesses that have contributed funding to building the performing arts center. Specifically, the GA+BA is supporting the incredibly important seed funding phase of the project, the phase that includes hiring critical staff such as a project manager, capital campaign planner, and an architect. Many exciting grant and matching opportunities require a strong element of support from the business community.

As many people — from business and technology leaders to influencers in the arts community — realize, the performing arts center will have a wide range of positive impacts on the Gorge, from increased quality of life to cultural opportunities and partnerships with education, business and of course, our thriving arts community. For businesses, a strong and vibrant arts community has many unexpected benefits, from attracting higher quality employees to the ripple effect of spending as visitors attend performances. Please consider joining the PAI Gorge Arts+Business Alliance and demonstrating your support of the project as well as the performing arts.

Of course, all donations are tax deductible as PAI is a 501(c)(3) organization. In addition, we would like to extend the following benefits of joining GA+BA:

  • $750 and up (annual or one time donation): Includes listing on PAI Website.
  • $2500 and up: Includes logo and business link on PAI Website, plus “Sneak Peek” opportunities at project milestones.
  • $5000 and up: Includes logo and business link on PAI Website, Sneak Peek opportunities and invitation to special events and performances.
  • $10,000 and up: Includes logo and business link on PAI Website, Sneak Peeks, invitation to VIP events and opportunity to sit on PAI Business Advisory Board.

READY TO JOIN? Go to our Donate page and enter your donation. We’ll do the rest.